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Drive more leads and close more deals by providing your service quote in real-time with Levitate.

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How it Works

It’s never been easier to give customers a quote for your service.

Instant Quote

Give your website visitors a personalized and instant quote for your service.

Qualified Leads

Receive leads from customers that are actually interested in your service.

Stay in Control

You determine your pricing strategy, we’ll provide the platform. It’s that simple.

Grow Engagement

Increase engagement by giving customers what they want, a quick quote online.

Say 'Good Bye' to Your Contact Form

Levitate is an embedded widget that interacts with your website visitors. It lets visitors on your website get your service quote in real-time. It works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Get More Leads

Levitate gives your website visitors exactly what they are looking for, an estimate for your services. That’s why Levitate converts more of your website visitors in to real leads compared to standard contact forms.

Integrate with Tools You Already Use

With integrations like Mailchimp you can easily sync your leads with an audience and run targeted campaigns.

We love the Levitate widget! The leads that we get are fabulous and are easily convertible into sales.
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