How Levitate compares to HomeAdvisor

How does Levitate compare to HomeAdvisor? We frequently encounter this question. Many local service pros receive leads from HomeAdvisor. Home stagers, carpet cleaners, painters, and many other trades rely on third-party leads. In this article, we uncover some of the important distinctions between Levitate and HomeAdvisor. Getting Bad Advice HomeAdvisor can be an effective way … Continued

Does Levitate Encourage Price Shopping

Instant Quotes for Local Service Pros Are you a local home service professional? Do you pride yourself on talking with each customer, learning about their project, visiting their home, and then offering a detailed price estimate? In this article we answer a frequently asked question: Does Levitate encourage price shopping? Leading brands, from home stagers … Continued

how levitate compares to houzz pro plus

How does Levitate compare to Houzz? We frequently encounter this question. Many home service pros have their business featured on Houzz. Architects, interior designers, home stagers and other professionals upload project photos, discuss service features, and share client reviews to set their business apart and generate leads. Houzz it work?Houzz functions like another service directory, … Continued

What Staging Day Takes Home staging professionals are in the business of preparing homes for sale. But what about preparing for staging day? What goes into preparing for a project? A veteran home staging professional recently shared her ideas with someone new to the business. Here are the tips and tricks she offered to make sure staging … Continued

The Conversation We recently had a conversation with a business owner about the most important technology tools to grow and manage her business. In this article, we are going to recap that conversation. We are excited to share with you the Top 5 Technology Tools for Home Service Professionals. Buckle up, here we go! Tech … Continued

home staging costs

We’ve all been there when we first started our business. You’re ready to pursue your passion for home staging and design, but there’s one aspect of your new business that’s unclear: “How do I charge for my home staging services?” This is an important question we answer in this article and in this YouTube video. … Continued

instant quote widget

Instant Quote Widget for Services In today’s world, price is always at the forefront. When you buy a product online or in a retail store, the price is clearly displayed. It is so easy to find the price of a product, but what about the price of services like home staging or carpet cleaning? We … Continued