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“We love the Levitate widget! The leads that we get are fabulous and are easily convertible into sales.”

Mary, Simple Elegance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Levitate work?

    Levitate is an embeddable lead form for your website. Consumers that land on your website are encouraged to interact with the widget, provide contact information and the nature of their request to get an instant quote for your services. The consumer’s input is run through an algorithm and they are given a real time instant estimate based on your pricing strategy.

  • Is the Levitate Quote Widget easy to install?

    Levitate is easily installed on a website with a short snippet of code. Reach out to our team to get started with your customized Levitate Quote Widget for home staging. Drive more leads, engage more customers and save time in the process.

  • How many leads will I receive?

    Depends upon the quality of your website and the volume of traffic your site receives. Stagers that actively promote their website typically receive between 5-10 leads from prospective customers each month. In our experience, many home stagers are closing 1-2 additional projects each month from leads received through their Levitate Quote Widget.

  • Do I compete with other home staging professionals?

    No, the Levitate Quote Widget is exclusively designed for your company and is a feature that lives on your website. Consumers that land on your site are encouraged to get an instant quote for home staging services, directly from you and they never have to leave your web page.

Have More Questions?

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