What is Levitate?

In today’s world, price is always at the forefront. When you buy a product online or in the store, the price is clearly displayed. But what about the price of services like home staging or interior design? We are excited to introduce Levitate. An innovation that has changed the way home sellers and real estate agents get home staging quotes.

Members of the Levitate team have been connected to the home staging industry for over a decade. In our experience, we learned that every prospective customer would engage in a ten or twenty minute, fact finding phone conversation to establish a budget and receive a home staging quote. We began to notice a pattern.

Each phone conversation was exactly the same: Where is the home located? Is the home vacant? What is the approximate list price of the home? How many rooms need to be furnished and staged? What is the interior design style? And so on … Each of these questions were then filtered through a pricing guide and with a little professional experience, we were able to provide the consumer with a home staging quote.

That experience lead to an idea! What if we could take all of the home staging statistics collected over years of experience staging homes for sale and turn that into an algorithm? What if we could offer home sellers and real estate agents an instant home staging quote online? We went to the drawing board and that is exactly what we created. Over the past several years, our innovative technology has evolved and is the real estate industry’s first and only home staging quote widget.

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