Compare Levitate to HomeAdvisor

How Levitate compares to HomeAdvisor

How does Levitate compare to HomeAdvisor?

We frequently encounter this question. Many local service pros receive leads from HomeAdvisor. Home stagers, carpet cleaners, painters, and many other trades rely on third-party leads. In this article, we uncover some of the important distinctions between Levitate and HomeAdvisor.

Getting Bad Advice

HomeAdvisor can be an effective way to buy leads. Our customers indicate they spend approximately $20 per lead with HomeAdvisor. And if your business depends upon 10-20 qualified leads each month (or more) that’s easily $200-$400 spent on leads.

Here’s the biggest problem: HomeAdvisor takes one lead from one customer, and then they sell that one lead to multiple companies. With HomeAdvisor, not only are you paying too much, you are competing with maybe 5 or 10 other companies for each lead.

Time to Switch Advisors

Levitate is totally different and so much more powerful for business owners like you. Our instant quote widget is a feature, like a chatbot, that you install on your own website. It walks your website visitors through a series of questions, and based on their response, provides an estimate for your services in real time, directly on your website.

When you receive a lead from Levitate, it’s coming from a consumer that’s on your website, inquiring about your service. Levitate can help you drive higher quality leads. You are never competing with other companies. Unlike third-party lead generators, that one lead belongs exclusively to you and is not shared with your competitors.

Levitate has a plan starting at just $29 per month and we don’t charge you per lead like HomeAdvisor. We give you the ability to generate an unlimited number of leads for less.

Ride Share vs. Rocket Fuel

In our prior article on Houzz Pro Plus, we use the analogy of ride sharing versus rocket fuel. You could spend $200-$400 per month on ride sharing with other passengers or … you could buy rocket fuel for the car you already own. You could spend $200-$400 per month to buy low quality and highly competitive leads on HomeAdvisor, or buy fuel for your own website at a fraction of the price!

Contact our team or watch this YouTube Video to learn more about the difference between HomeAdvisor and Levitate.

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