How Levitate Compares to Houzz

how levitate compares to houzz pro plus

How does Levitate compare to Houzz?

We frequently encounter this question. Many home service pros have their business featured on Houzz. Architects, interior designers, home stagers and other professionals upload project photos, discuss service features, and share client reviews to set their business apart and generate leads.

Houzz it work?
Houzz functions like another service directory, providing a list of local companies in a given product or service category. Looking for a home stager in your neighborhood? Houzz can give you an extensive list of local home staging companies. Service pros that pay-to-play get the top spots in the directory while free profiles rank lower on the page.

Houzz Pro Plus locks home service pros into annual contracts. In our experience, companies pay at least $250 per month to be featured on Houzz. That is the price you pay to have your profile marketed to consumers surfing the Houzz website. Leads from Houzz can be expensive and low quality, often unrelated to your service expertise. Many consumers surfing Houzz make multiple requests of local service pros, have never actually been on your website, and don’t remember you when you respond.

Ride Sharing vs. Rocket Fuel

Levitate is totally different and so much more powerful for business owners. Levitate is a website feature that you install on your own website. It asks your site’s visitors interview style questions and based on their response, provides an estimate for your services in real time, directly on your website. Levitate has a plan starting at just $29 per month. That is a fraction of what you will spend to be promoted on Houzz Pro Plus.

Levitate offers Quality
When you receive a lead from Levitate, it’s coming from a consumer that’s on your website, inquiring about your service. Levitate can help you drive higher quality leads than the ones you receive on generic local service directories.

Levitate offers Quantity
You have the ability to generate an unlimited number of leads with Levitate. We don’t charge you per lead, per click, or per profile view. Starting at $29 per month, Levitate can help you drive a higher quantity of leads.

Levitate offers Clarity
Levitate leads are personalized for your business and with every lead notification, you get clarity into exactly what the customer’s looking for, how to contact them, and the price they were quoted. You should expect clarity and to get more relevant leads with Levitate.

Big Picture Difference
Levitate is totally different. We are a powerfully simple feature you install on your own website, capturing more leads from more relevant customers. You could spend $250 per month on ride-sharing or you could buy fuel for the car you already own. You could spend $250 per month to promote your business on Houzz Pro Plus or you could buy fuel for your own website at a fraction of the price!

Contact our team or watch this YouTube Video to learn more about the difference between Houzz and Levitate.

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