Does Levitate Encourage Price Shopping?

Does Levitate Encourage Price Shopping

Instant Quotes for Local Service Pros

Are you a local home service professional? Do you pride yourself on talking with each customer, learning about their project, visiting their home, and then offering a detailed price estimate? In this article we answer a frequently asked question: Does Levitate encourage price shopping?

Leading brands, from home stagers to carpet cleaners, aspire to provide a high level of customer service. You might be concerned that an instant quote feature on your website will detract from the customer experience and facilitate or encourage price shopping. Don’t be alarmed!

Why Levitate Works

Levitate works because it helps answer the question every consumer wants to know: “What does your service cost?” That is the first question every prospect asks when they call your business. Consumers routinely inquire, “I’m looking for the service you offer, what’s it going to cost? How does it work? When can you get it done?” In essence, consumers are price shopping … even if on the phone.

We make you look like a rockstar, a company that’s got their act together, able to give consumers exactly what they want: a service quote in real time. Levitate is live after hours when consumers are searching for service providers from the comfort of their home. Levitate is live when consumers are at work and are not going to make a personal call a superior might overhear. Customers want to be able to get an instant quote from you.

Lead Capture

Keep in mind, customers must provide contact information to get an instant quote online with Levitate. In addition to project details, consumers are asked to provide their name, email address, and phone number. This enables you to pick up the phone. Instead of answering ‘what’s it gonna cost’ questions, you get to dive into your experience, the project details, terms, and expected timeline. Local services pros save 15 minutes of project discovery with every new lead.

Built for Your Business

Instant quotes are customized for your home service business. You set your pricing strategy and even have the ability to say “Call Us” in order to get the quote. Levitate only gives the customer an estimate, and doesn’t get into the nitty gritty about terms or inclusions. You will find that many consumers get a quote, and immediately call your business and say, “I just got an estimate, what does that include and how does your service work?”

Levitate is a powerful feature for your website, helping home stagers, carpet cleaners, and other service pros get more leads from more qualified customers. Levitate will save you time and help you focus on providing great service. When consumers shop around, set yourself apart by being the one company that can give them exactly what they want: amazing service and an instant quote online.

Contact our team or watch this YouTube Video to learn more about how Levitate empowers home service pros in a world where price shopping is commonplace.

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